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it all starts with an idea

Why not make locally grown produce and farm fresh meats easily accessible to the general public?

Hence, a Farm to Table Market. 

A lot of people don't realize they can purchase fresh meat directly from a farm, while others simply can't afford to buy a whole or half cow.  

Farm Life is about making that possible.   

We buy directly from local farms, send the meat for processing, then sale it directly to the public as Fresh Frozen, taking out the worry.

On top of meats, we act as a Food Hub for local produce growers whom would like to sale directly to the public but don't have the time or money to  move mass amounts of produce to Farmer's Markets. 

The same goes for Honey, Sauces, Bread, Eggs, Milk, etc.

We wanted to create a place where not only locals could easily access farm fresh products and local farmers could sale their products, but a place that supports the Local Community & Economy.

Buy Local!

A&A Farm                                                    Hostetler Produce                                              Southern City Flavors

Adams Family Farm                                   JD Country Milk                                                  Sweetwater Valley Farm

Allegro Marinades                                     K&M Farms                                                          Walker Blueberries

Axley's Hellbilly Moonshiners                  Nature's Harvest Honey & Produce           

B&K Farm                                                    Nude Dough

Beef and Bacon Meat Processing            Porter Road Butcher Company

Bushel & a Peck Homestead                    Possum Hollow Bakery

Coleman Brothers Farm                           Pulley Farm

Country Gardens  Greenhouse                Russell Creek Produce

Dutch Country Kitchen                              Shirk Produce & Honey

Hamptons Meat                                         Shrock Produce